A lot of friends will guest on our new album


We are proud and happy to announce the complete list of artists that will be present in our upcoming album “Cowards Empire” as guest. Thank you all for being part of this!

Guest musicians set to appear on Cowards Empire  include important names such as:

  • Gianluca Ferro (Time Machine)
  • Tommy Massara (Extrema)
  • Lisy Stefanoni (Evenoire)
  • Luca Di Fato (Wake Arkane)
  • Oinos (Will’o'wisp; Australwave)
  • Daniele Orlandi (Blackstarr & The new Black)
  • Andrea Caniato (ex-Node)
  • Steve Minelli (Node founder member)

The band has recently signed with ALPHA OMEGA Management and Punishment 18 Records in order to release their brand new sixth full length, which has been recorded during March/September 2015 with the producer Larsen Premoli (Destrage) at RecLab Studio in Milan.

New details will be revealed soon.

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